FuelForce 894

Cost Effective Fleet Fuel Management System

The FuelForce® 894 fuel controllers are the most cost-effective fuel management system for fleets. The controller authorizes and controls the dispensing of fuel to fleet vehicles from any number of sites while collecting accurate, valuable fuel usage and vehicle data for fleet management.

FuelForce 894 is a standardized, pedestal fuel controller unit that supports 1 to 4 hoses per controller. The pedestal fuel controller is weather resistant and corrosion resistant with a rugged keypad on all controllers as a secure, backup input option. FuelForce 894 is available with a number of customizable options.



  • Controls up to 4 Hoses per controller

  • Models available with the Numeric Keypad (894), Card Reader (894-C), or Proximity Key Reader (894-K)

  • Durable Key Fob & Proximity Card Reader, Magnetic Stripe Card Reader, or Cardless (Keypad only)

  • Network & wireless communications

FuelForce is unmatched in ease-of-use by both vehicle operators and management personnel. Any of our 894 FuelForce models can be implemented in stages, adding sites to gradually replace or supplement your old system.