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Fueling Your School Fleet 

Tired of having an unsupervised fuel station for your school bus fleet?

Looking to improve accountability, reporting and security?

Losing track of your fuel? 

multiple fuel management systems for school bus fleets and campus vehicles

The Multiforce Systems FuelForce line of fuel authorization products is both rugged and secure. We have experience working within the education industry.  

School Buses need Fleet Fuel Management

Testimonials from the EDUCATION INDUSTrY

switching fuel management was one of the best things for our school

School Bus Fleet Fuel Management

"I want you to know that switching to FuelForce fuel management was one of the best things that could have ever happened to us here at Mesa Public Schools.

The system was installed, up and running in no time at all, and has been flawless as far as I am concerned.

The system that you replaced was always having issues and never worked as it was supposed to. The fact that your FuelForce system worked so well was really hard to understand at first. It tied in well with our operating maintenance program and I could not be any happier.

On the rare occasion that there have been any issues, Damon has taken care of it by telephone. Even going as far as telling us when our concern is really an issue with our dispensers or other equipment that are not a portion of the FuelForce installed system. I appreciate the rapid response and the sense of urgency that FuelForce displays each and every time I call. " - Bruce B., Supervisor Vehicle Maintenance at Mesa Public School in Arizona


Easy and Efficient to Manage School Bus Fuel Usage

"The ease of use for FuelForce makes it a breeze to tabulate fuel usage at our school bus location. I definitely recommend it to anyone who needs to manage fuel usage. " -  Alberto Silva, Transportation Coordinator of Willingboro Schools in New Jersey

University Fuel Pumps Simplified!

"Florida Atlantic University has been using FuelForce since 2014. Overall the process of obtaining fuel at the University fuel pumps has been greatly simplified as we went from a person and a clipboard process to a complete 24 hour, 7 day a week process. Support has been very helpful and my hats to Damon Hahn, whom I have spoken with several times and he is the man that gets the job done. It is simple to download the fuel reports, process billing and respond to fuel issues." - William Robinson, Coordinator Computer Applications of Florida Atlantic University.


Let us show you how you can control the fuel for your school bus fleet or campus vehicles.  Reliable and cost effective fuel management solutions available for schools and the education industry.  

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