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Public Utilities Fleet Fuel Management Systems

The utilities sector comprises three distinctly different industries and FuelForce can provide support for all of them in terms of fleet fuel management.




Fleet Fuel Management of the public utilities sectors


FuelForce offers a unique blend of software, hardware, high-speed wired communications and wireless communications to give fleets in the public utility sector easy access fuel and to all their fuel data.

  • Unsupervised fueling stations for your fleet

  • Improved security of your fuel

  • Tracking fleet fuel consumption


Ease of Use is Amazing

"Our drivers tell us that this is the easiest system they have ever used. Here in the office, the system provided utmost accuracy and ease of use for billing and tracking purposes. Great system and great value for the money!" ~ J. Miles, Delivery Coordinator at MW Sewall Heating and Oil

It's Great to Be Able to Run Mileage Reports

"Have been working with the system for 6 months now and haven't had any issues. It separates 3 companies bill with numerous trucks from each company getting fuel. All fuel issues have been correct. The software had been helpful as well, being able to add trucks and drivers when we need to and running fuel mileage reports as well." ~ Louie G., Manager that the Oil & Energy company, Partridge Sibley