FuelForce EXACTA

Private Site Fuel Management System

The EXACTA by FuelForce is a fuel controller designed for private sites for both commercial and retail use. It was originally designed for new installations inside a Bennett pump, however, it is now also available as a free standing pedestal. It is suitable for any type of fuel. The EXACTA Kit provides authorization for up to four hoses, has a receipt printer, accepts credit cards, and has additional customizable options.



  • Controls up to 4 Pumps or Hoses

  • Models available with Proximity Key/Card Reader, Magnetic Stripe Card Reader, and Wireless Vehicle Tag solution.

  • Credit Cards, Proprietary Fleet Cards, Proximity Key Fobs or Cardless

  • Installed with a Free Standing EXACTA pedestal or in the Bennett 3700 Commercial or 3800 Retail Dispenser

  • Suitable for any fuel type, Alternative Fuels, or DEF Fueling

Now you can offer your customers 24-hour unattended fueling with receipts!

The same fuel controller allows you to set up “House Accounts” in addition to accepting cash! The EXACTA fuel controller eliminates the need for attended fueling and reduces theft by using major credit cards.