Construction companies can secure and track your fuel with FuelForce systems.

Public Services Industry

Do you have an unsupervised fuel station at your police, fire department, or public works department? 

Are you Looking to improve fleet fuel accountability, reporting and security? 

Do you want to track municipal fleet fuel consumption? 


Multiforce Systems has solutions to help you manage your municipal fleet fuel

The FuelForce line of fleet fuel management systems has been helping fleet managers with the unique demands of public sector fleets. Whether you are a police department fleet manager, a fire department fleet manager, a public works fleet manager, or a municipal fleet manager, who manages all fleet operations - if your fleet is large or small FuelForce can help you.

Since 1981 the rugged FuelForce line of fuel authorization products has helped the public services industry. When your budget doesn't grow but maintenance and fuel costs do, a fleet fuel management system can help facilitate savings.