How the System Works

The FuelForce® Platform is made up of both hardware and software components to provide a robust fuel/energy management solution. The hardware centers around the controller, the FuelForce 814EV. The conroller provides verification and authentication to allow charging. Placed near the EV charging location, the controller is acccesed by the driver or attendant, is prompted for both driver and vehicle identification, and once authorized for a specific charger, a driver can connect the electric vehicle to the charger and power will flow. Once complete, the transaction is logged at the controller.

The second component of the system is, a Cloud-Based Management System. This management platform polls the controllers in its network periodically and aggregates all of the charging data, which then is used by fleet and facility managers in various ways. The key here is the ability to provide the data for EV charging alongside the fueling data for all other types of fuels. Total fuel costs can be calculated and assesed to sites, departments, or even drivers.