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Fuel Management Solutions for Trucking Industry Fleets

Want to have an unsupervised fueling station for your fleet of trucks? 

Are you looking to improve the security and reporting of your trucks? 

Do you want to track your  trucking fleets' fuel consumption? 

solutions for Trucking fleet fuel management

FuelForce has rugged fuel management hardware and software  systems that will help manage the fueling, security and reporting  of your fleet of trucks.  Following are some feedback from trucking companies who have been using one of our FuelForce systems. 

Testimonials from Businesses with a fleet of Trucks

great to be able to review our fueling needs anywhere, anytime!

“Using this site is a great thing for me in my line of work. It really helps when I need to see what tractors got fuel at home!” - Sherri Smith, Crum Trucking, Inc



"One of the pros of FuelForce is having access to data from anywhere I am working. I did have polling issues, ie. I have one location that has polling issues... Customer service did tell me how to easily find my downloads on the site so that has not been an issue." - Amy Belmont, Administrative Assistant of Kris-Way Truck Leasing has been using the system for 2 years.

Fuelforce Does What I need and is awesome

"I use this system monthly to pull reports for our company's tax reporting. I have had very few issues and any issues that I have had were dealt with immediately. Also, getting a user login is very easy." - Adam Powers, Giant Eagle

“Very easy to use and helps me with my monthly projects! Customer service is good, quick, and responsive as well.” - Kimberly Dice, Giant Eagle

Does what it's supposed to do

"Has some inadequacies but may be due to our election of no training. Pretty good system, we acquired due to postal service bailing out of it. At time this system was our only source of tracking and monitoring fueling. Training is available, if offered do take advantage of the training as it would have helped us use the system to the full extent." Peter Daniels, Vice President, RSD / Daniels Trans. Inc.


Peter Daniels of Daniels Transportation wrote on a Capterra review that they "Would like the ability to do more with it. There are some features that we cannot seem to get availability too. I feel it is good software but cannot seem to get the ability to run MPG reports."


"Peter, Thank you for sharing your experience. With your ten year old+ FuelForce hardware in the field, I'm pleased that the solution is still working for you. I followed up with our Customer Support team and they adjusted the User Permission configuration and they confirmed that you now have full access to the MPG reporting. If you ever find that you are not obtaining availability into any features, please reach out to me or the Customer Support department, and we will get the situation resolved. I would also welcome you to schedule a 30 minute, no cost training session, to allow our trainers to review some of the latest FuelServe features with you." ~ Keith Griesinger VP of Sales