Control your fuel costs with rugged and reliable automated fuel management systems and easy-to-use web based dashboards that increase your efficiency and help optimize your fleet operations.

The FuelForce line of unattended fleet fueling systems provides solutions for the smallest fleet to largest multi-site operations.  Since 1981, FuelForce hardware and software have provided fleet owners with flexible and cost effective point of fueling access control with the advanced management reporting and analytics that allow managers to understand events and trends.

Video: introducing the FuelForce Web based software


Each FuelForce fuel controller is configured to meet the needs of your fleet and facility operations by coordinating to your input and communication requirements. 


Our convenient software dashboard summary lists important fleet data and has useful alert messages, comparative usage charts and tank inventory information.

Multiforce has released FuelForce EV, a first of its kind energy management platform for Electric Vehicles that provides management of electric vehicle charging as a standard fleet fuel.

FuelForce EV controllers authorize, monitor, control, and track EV charging and the power used to do so, and with, our cloud-based management system, fleet managers have an fully integrated view of EV power use along side other fuels.  


  • Manage Electricity as a Standard Fleet Fuel
  • Integrate kWh Usage with Other Fuels
  • Securely Authorize EV Charging
  • Access Cloud-Based Reporting
  • Alert Fleet Managers/Drivers at End of Charge

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Video : The FuelForce fuel Management System

Switching to FuelForce fuel management was one of the best things that could have ever happened to us.
— Bruce Bringham, Mesa Public Schools